Range of Services


The articles in this review have shown how we bring together multidisciplinary teams to

tackle a wide variety of current business issues. We achieve this by calling on our

international resources in a range of service areas.

Audit and Accounting


Our aim as auditors is to make an active contribution to the business field, as well as

reporting promptly and independently to shareholders. We combine technical excellence with an independent viewpoint to produce high quality business assurance solutions to financial control and reporting issues. Our business assurance services are designed to bring competitive advantage for our clients by enhancing business control and adding value to the organization. We view audit report not just as a report on yearly past activities but also as an aid to management as a continuous process, providing professional advice throughout the year and assurance that the control environment and accounting systems measure up to the best standards. The demands of companies for audit and accounting services are varied and fast changing.

We are in the vanguard of change in audit and accounting developments, leading the

profession in developing the quality and scope of the audit and the value and efficiency of financial reporting in Iran. We strive to develop new services to meet our clients’ needs,making effective use of technology,our international resources and our market sector expertise to provide the best professional advice.




Our tax services assist clients to achieve their business and personal objectives by solving their tax problems with expert knowledge and flair. Our services extend well beyond advice on tax compliance. In particular, we can provide assurance that their tax policies are in line with their business strategies. We can maximize the opportunities presented by different tax regimes, taking account of the impact of indirect taxes, customs duties, transfer pricing and cross- border taxation on operations.


Management consultancy


Our management consultancy services are devoted to helping clients set appropriate

strategical directions, maintain and improve their competitive capability (through cost

reduction, quality and customer service improvement, business process re-engineering

and change management), and increase their operational effectiveness (by raising the

effectiveness of key functions, through effective financial risk management and IT systems and systems delivery and outsourcing).

Our success in building competitive advantage for the client comes from a thorough

understanding of the job to be done and the delivery of solutions through a strong, well-

qualified internationally integrated team tailored to the client’s needs.


Actuarial, benefits and compensation


We have the largest actuarial, benefits and compensation practice among the leading

multidisciplinary business advisory firms. Using a strong understanding of human resource econometrics, we provide advice on a wide range of human resource issues, including retirement and pension plans, compensation and reward, employee communications, the use of technology and advice to executives working abroad.


Corporate finance


Our corporate finance expertise combines imaginative solutions with the expert advice

needed to implement our clients’ strategies. We have specialists and a track record of

success covering the whole range of corporate finance advisory and investigative needs

, including acquisitions and disposals, share issues and public listings, management

buyouts, project finance, corporate recovery and reconstruction, business and brand

valuations and capital markets advice.


Due Diligence

All business transactions contain elements of risk. We can objectively review and analyze information to determine if representations made by another party are accurate. We do not only focus on the tax and accounting issues, but also look at other critical areas that could affect a transaction.

Dayarayan can do:

 Identify areas of potential risk
 Provide insurance and risk analysis
 Assess current management
 Evaluate systems and procedures
 Identify strengths and weaknesses of the business and its practices
 Provide valuation services
 Evaluate trends

Whether you are negotiating an acquisition, entering a joint venture, or extending credit to a borrower, we can provide you with the documentation that you need to make a well-informed decision.





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