 Doing Business In Iran
 Stock, Exchange and Business evaluation ( four edition)
 New law of cheque ( Fifth Edition)
 Direct tax act of Iran(Forty five edition)
 Commerce code of Iran( eleventh Edition).
 Collection rules of Iran labour & social security Act(twenty five).
 Tax Accounting(Eighteen edition)
 CD of Iranian law in both Farsi & English Languages with Tehran Stock
 Corporation accounting( Fourteen Edition)
 A Short Review of Management Information System.
 Management Information System in Investment Companies.
 Capital Market in Iran and the Challenges
 Report Writing.
 What Work Sheet Is.
 The Role of Work Sheet in Auditing.
 Auditing and Management Challenges.
 Training Managers for Taxation.
 Operational Auditing Development.
 Manager as a Change Factor.
 Human Resources Accounting.
 Capital Budgeting.
 Management Information Systems.
 Six Steps to Strategic Victory.
 Consultancy Services at the Threshold of 21st Century.
 Taxation and Its Role in Economic Development.
 Strategic Concepts in Modern Economy (E-Commerce and Internet).






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